TOP5 Reasons Why I Think Jessica Sanchez Almost Got Eliminated

One of the “frontrunners” of this season’s American Idol is Jessica Sanchez. Throughout the show, she consistently showed vocal prowess and performance way beyond her years as if she has been performing for 20years. Hence tonight’s elimination results, when Jessica Sanchez almost got eliminated (thanks to judges’ save), was the biggest shock of the season. I know this is not the first time this has happened on American Idol. Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry,  and last season’s Pia Toscano are only a few names who faced elimination unexpectedly. Luckily for Jessica, judges had one “save” card at hand.

But what really happened? What are the possible things that have almost caused Jessica’s American Idol journey’s demise? Listed below are my Top5 ideas.

5) American Idol Producer’s Stunt

If you go to American Idol’s Youtube website, you can see that Jessica has the biggest number of views and likes of all the other contestants. “I Will Always Love You” alone has gotten almost 3Million views. So how does this relate to AI producer’s stunt of “eliminating” Jessica?  Of course Jessica’s supporters will vote more the next episodes. Then, the non-Jessica supporters will vote for their bet as well threatened by Jessica’s supporters.  More votes, more money

This season’s per episode rating is at average 5million lesser than its predecessor. Jessica’s almost elimination trended over twitter worldwide and being discussed in various websites. This hype that the producers might have concocted may bring even the curious non-viewers to watch the next episodes. Not a bad strategy.

4) Underdog Strategy

There has never been a single performance that Jessica received bad comments from the judges. The most mediocre one I think is when she performed “Turn The Beat Around” which is still not a bad comment compared to what others are getting. Definitely, she is not an underdog. From the past seasons of Idol, America tend to vote for the underdogs. The frontrunners are usually left and ignored. This I think is the reason why producers might want to “eliminate” Jessica (of course they also planned to save her). She has the most marketable talent of all the finalist. Producers would want to her as a winner because she surely can bring a lot of money for them.

3) She is “Not” American

Ok. Admit it or not. She is not American-looking. Although she is born in America, she is still of Filipino/Mexican decent competing for American Idol. I’m not sure if America is ready to have an asian looking AI champ

2) Too Much “Pinoy” Pride

I’m a Filipino. But it makes me cringe everytime I see people posting “Pinoy Pride” or “Proud to be Pinoy” eveytime she perfoms. I mean, come on! This is not Manny Pacquiao’s boxing fight! Or Olympics! Or even Miss Universe! For the love of God, this is American Idol! A-M-E-R-I-C-A! Please stop that “Pinoy Pride” thingy. It just alienates most Americans. Can you imagine us having Philippine Idol, and there’s Chinese contestants and then all the Chinese people would say “Proud to be Chinese”? Seriously? Would you vote for that contestant?! This “Pinoy Pride” is too much. It’s alienating. It’s irritating. Just support Jessica. Simple. Keep your pride to yourselves!

1) Complacent Supporters

I think this is the most possible reason why she got the lowest votes. Her supporters became complacent. They were very confident that their idol wouldn’t be eliminated after an extravagant performance. Well, I hope this should serve as a wake-up call. No more “saves”. No more second chances. If you still want to see Jessica singing until Finale, vote for her until the end!

For those of you who missed her “Save Me” song, here’s the YouTube clip.


THE HUNGER GAMES (excited lang)

These books have kept me sleepless for the past few days. I just can’t drop them. My everyday train trip (30mins) has seemingly been cut short because I’m so into reading the story na parang ambilis ng oras. Muntik muntik na nga ako sumobra kung minsan. Hehe

Tapos ilang araw na lang. Palabas na rin dito ang movie!!! What excites me is to fact that I’ll be able see the characters na I only imagine on my mind moving, tapos yung how they look, how they talk, etc, etc.

I hope that this is not another Twilight movie na pa-tweetums ang mga actors. Well, of some sorts, medyo may pagkakahawig sila.

Love triangle. Girl (Katniss Everdeen) being confused between two lovers.


and Peeta.

But what i like about the story is this is more of an action/adventure movie tapos yung love story on the sides lang.  Unlike Twilight na nakaka-umay na kakornihan ang love story.

I can’t also wait for Rue (the 12 year old girl)!!!

I swear, when I read the book, I can imagine Rue looking almost the same girl to portray na character. Nakaka excite!

ODK! Can’t wait for Mar.23!!! Naiihi ako!!!

PS. photos above courtesy of

TOP10 Things You Don’t Want To Hear During Sexy or Romantic Moments

One of the topics I suggested for RX Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar. Nakakatuwa yung batch of top10 na to, kasi sama sama yung maraming “legendary” rushers. :). Siguro kasi bastos ang topic? Haha.  Well, di naman bastos lahat ng enties. Onti lang. 🙂

Disclaimer: This is just a transcript of Oct.11,2010 episode. I apologize for those people whom i possibly mispelled the names or entries. Sensya na po baka bingi lang. Hehe




Number 10.

Daddy Groovy – Nabayaran mo na yung due natin na credit card bill?

Tuna Belly – Koya! Dagdag sweldo to ha?

No Name – (during wedding proposal) Pwede civil lang? Matangal ang annulment eh

Ynaki Girl – GF: “Hon, kapag hawak ko ang bote ng sofdrink na ito, naaalala ko ang ex ko.” BF: “Eh ako kelan mo naaalala?” GF:  “Yung straw..”


Number 9.

RCandCess – Teka parang nasusunog ata ang sinaing ko

Nyupigirl – Teka! Naupuan mo ang pigsa ko

Mr. Perk – Oh shoot! Di ako nakainom ng pills kanina

Loi Pogi – GF: “Masyado naman yang gigantic!” BF: “Friendship! Kaya mo to!”


Number 8.

RVincent – Warning lang ha? Kumain ako ng kamote at garlic

Erwin – (message alert tone) May mahiwagang mensahe!

Johnahmer – GF: “Greet me. 2 months na akong babae today”

LockOnStratos – O! Eh keso na to ah!!


Number 7.

Beowulf Teacher – Malakas ba immune system mo?

LockOnStratos – Wow! Gubat!

No Name – (during wedding proposal) Weeeh?!!

LockOnStatos/Humdinger – (GF on crotch area of BF) GF: “nakakamiss nung meron akong ganito”


Number 6.

Dennis Pinch – Ay! Ang taba mo pala?

LockOnStratos – Ay… Pwede ba i-Go Bigtime yan??

Gab – GF: “Pare wag…”


Number 5.

Mark Teofilo – Hon, bakit amoy shawarma ka?

Yayaburn – Ang gondooo! Ang lombot!

No Name – Hoy! Bawal yan! Sumama kayo sa presinto!

Macky – BF: “It’s a dirty job. But someone has to do it”

Number 4.

Great Shaolin – Wala ka bang porn dyan?

JanMike – I wanna try something I saw on criminal minds

Problem Child – (BF giving chocolates to GF) GF: “Wow! Thank you! San galing to?” BF:  “Regalo kay Mommy”

Ynaki – Pakibilis. Mahaba pa ang pila


Number 3.

Mr. Perk – Teka urong ka sa kaliwa. Nahaharangan mo ang video camera

Mr. Perk – Wag dyan! Favourite part yan ng ex ko

Raichen – (bf gives engagement ring) GF: “Wow! Ang ganda! How much is this?” BF: “Wag mo na isipin kung magkano. Saka ko na lang ipagagamot si Inay…”

Young Indy – Pwe! Pwe!

Loi Pogi – BF: “Akala ko ba first time mo? Bat di ka man lang umaray?” GF: “Uhm… Ouch??”

Number 2.

Paolo Luciano/ Ian/ Joti – Teka! Naje-jebs ako!

Alec – GF: “Yak! Ano yung mabaho?!”  BF: “Hindi utot yun ha? Hininga yun!”

Gilbert TeodoorBell – Easy lang. Baka mauntog si baby

No Name – (after the act) GF: “Hihihihi. Anliit pala ng basketball player mo no?” BF: “Hindi yan maliit. Hindi lang sanay maglaro sa Araneta Coliseum!”

Number 1.

Tribal Blue Son – Ay tama nga sila. Parang kagat lang ng langgam. Kasing liit din.

LockOnStratos – Sorry ha? Lasang pipino yan ngayon

Bananaman – Sexy mo teh!!!

Kid Bukid – BF: “Papasukin ko ang hindi pa napapasok ng kahit sino man!” GF: “Naku, hindi kaya ako mabingi nyan?”

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TOP10 Tindera Quotes

One of the topics I suggested for RX Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar. Sorry kulang ng isang batch. Blue Ritz wasn’t able to record the whole episode.

Disclaimer: This is just a transcript of Sept.20,2010 episode. I apologize for those people whom i possibly mispelled the names or entries. Sensya na po baka bingi lang. Hehe

TOP10 TINDERA QUOTES  (Sept. 20, 2010)

Number 10.

Milky Me – A man whispers to tindera who needs medicine for an illness. But tindera shouted “Oooy!! Gamot daw sa ALMORANAS!!”

Johnahmer – Man buying bra for his wife but doesn’t know the size. Tindera: “Is it as big as an egg?” Man: “Yes. But fried”

JDV – (to waiter with big bulge) Customer: “Boss, isa ngang nilagang bakat!”


Number 9.

Dennis Pinch – (stall selling fake stuffs and tea) “Fake! Fake! Tea! Tea!”

Shining – at fastfood, me and my husband are on queue (my husband behind me). Tindera at the counter: “Hi pogi! Anong order mo?” (Completely ignoring me)

The Game – Buyer: “Ate meron kayong juice?” Tindera: “Ay wala! Meron lang yung mountain” (mountain juice)


Number 8.

No name – Buyer: “Baka naman pwede humingi ng tawad?” Tindera: “Wag ka humingi ng tawad. Wala kang kasalanan”

Ge – Tindera: “Teh! Anong kailangan nyo?! Teh! Anong kailangan nila?!!” Buyer: “Tulad ng kailangan mo! Ahit!”

Kit – Buyer: “Miss. Isa ngang Modess” Tindera: “Chiken o Beef?” (she heard noodles)


Number 7.

Kid Bukid – (from tinubog sa ginto at pilak jewellery shop) Tindera: “Pag binabad nyo yan sa suka at namuti, naku, fake yung suka!”

Johnahmer – (buyer smoking) Tindera: “Sir hindi po pwede mag smoke dito.” Buyer: “Look! I bought these cigars in your store. I should be able to smoke them” Tindera: “Well, we also sell condoms…”

FreeZoul – Buyer: “Ate, saan galing yung orange nyo?” Tindera:  “Ayan. Sa karton”


Number 6.

No Name – Tindera: “Ma’am ano pong hanap nila?” Buyer: “SEX!!”

Luis – Tindero with a big voice: “Hoy! Hooooy!”  (when everyone looked, he sweetly said) “Bili kayo dyan”

Daisydave – Buyer: “Miss isa ngang APPLE juice” Tindera: “Anong juice?” Buyer: “Apple nga diba?” Buyer: “Aba! Linawin mo!”


Number 5.

No Name – (meat shop) Buyer: “Boss! May atay ka?” Tindera: “Shempre naman po! Meron! Mahilig pa naman ako uminom”

RockerStepMom – (me with half Russian officemate at restaurant) Tindera: “Naku maam, kung papaya yang kasama nyo, magpapa-anak ako dyan” Half-Russian Officemate: “Talaga lang ha?!”

Linger – Buyer: “Ate pabili ng pilis” Tindera: “Pills?!” Buyer: “Hindi. Yung noddles” (payless noodles)


Number 4.

Spyshadow – Buyer:  “Miss pwede ba i-try yung dress sa display window? “ Tindera:  “Ay hindi po! Dapat sa fitting room”

ArtAmuse – Buyer: “Miss bago ba yang tinapay nyo?” Tindera: “Oo no! Bagong bago!” Buyer: “Eh bakit parang may amag na?” Tindera: “Bago yan kahapon”


Number 3.

Johnahmer – (husband looking for a gift for his wife) Tindera: “How long have you been married?” Husband: “22 years” Tindera: “Bargain basement. Two floors down”

Zain – (pastillas vendor) Tindera – “Bili na kayo! Galing sa gatas ng ina! Galing sa gatas ng ina —- Ina ng baka”


Number 2.

No Name – (butcher) “Baboy kayo! Baboy kayo! Baboy kayong lahat!”

Joey – (tindera gave sukli. The most bulok bill I’ve ever seen) Buyer:  “Miss, wala na bang mas bubulok pa dito?” Tindera: “Naku sorry sir! Yan na ang pinakabulok”

PS – Buyer:  “Miss panis na ata itong spaghetti nyo eh!” Tindera: “Hindi ah! Yung sauce lang! “


Number 1.

JR – (We were buting Ateneo jacket from a certain clothing store) Tindera: “Ay! Wala na po eh. La Salle jacket gusto nyo?!”

Ed –Tindera: “Oy! Dito na kayo kumain!” Student: “Eh bagong saing ba yung kanin nyo?” Tindera: “Ayan nga o! Umuusok pa. Ang init-init” Student: “Eh ayaw nga namin ng  bagong saing eh..” Tindera: “Well, what do you know. Ayan o anlamig na!”

Johnahmer – Kid: “Pabili po ng Safeguard!!” Tindera: “Wag mo ako sigawan!! Hindi ako bingi!!!… Anong simcard? Globe o Smart?”

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FOR YOU (the very jologs side of me)

Another ODK moment!!!

I was laughing when I listened to this song again. Kasi naman ang lyrics! Hahaha

I composed this song when I was in high school (yes kids, it’s like 12 years ago. I know I’m old. Pero di ko naman pinapahalata. Haha).  Anyway, going back, I remember this is the FIRST song I wrote and put music into. It took me just one day to do everything! Na inspire ata dahil sa pagiging heartbroken. Hehe.

This record is not new rin. I remember, a friend of mine back in 2nd year college heard the song when I played it sa piano. Tapos he was so interested, ayun, I taught him how to sing it and decided to record it together. Using my then mp3 player, we recorded the song using an old toy piano (hence the quality of the sound).  And tada!!!! Eto ang finished product! Nahukay ko pa sa baul.

I’m also including the lyrics for your entertainment. Hehehe. So there, welcome to the jologs side of me! J

PS. Pasensya na rin kung maraming “baby” sa lyrics. Ginawa ko kasi ang kanta na to nung kasikatan pa ng mga boybands. Haha


And here’s the girl’s version. Pero chorus lang. 🙂



Sleepless nights I suffer but my heart

Still holds on and thinks that my,

My love will bring you back

I did my best but all I could do was cry

Why did you let my love go and fly

Oh baby why, my baby, why


But don’t you worry coz my love

Is forever, this I swear…


Sky above the clouds

Or sun and shining stars

Believe that my,

My heart is blind

Coz now you got me inside

Affections never end

Coz baby you’re my living shed

Oh baby I,

I swear no lies

For you I’m ready to die…

Now the thing I fear has suddenly begun

I lost your love and now is gone

The promises are gone

And if to leave you would lighten up a way

I’d better fly and wouldn’t stay

Just wait you for the day

(repeat refrain)

(repeat chorus)

TOP10 Things To Say If Someone Introduces Their Ugly Partner, Baby or Relative


One of the topics I suggested for RX Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar. Antagal na pala! Sobrang late!

Disclaimer: This is just a transcript of Sept.16,2010 episode. I apologize for those people whom i possibly mispelled the names or entries. Sensya na po baka bingi lang. Hehe

Number 10.

Gab – Malapit na. Konti na lang mukhang tao na

Pare – Ah! Kaya ka pala mahilig sa abstract

Sonia’s Garden – I bet your mom must love her! Di ba she’s into antiques?

Taho – Kamukhang kamukha ng baby mo yung sikat na artista. Si Kokey!

Number 9.

Dennis Pinch – Uuy! Ang cute cute naman ng baby mo! O, etong saging

No name – Sabagay! How can you expect the fruit to fall far from the tree

Pajodaep – She’s a flower. Cauliflower

Kimmykimmymore – (gf named Kim). Alam ko last name nya. Burnal

Number 8.

Mojacko – Tama si Darwin!

Blitzkreig – Wow! Like father like pet!

Bene7100 – (Dad to son) Anak naman. Hindi ka pa natuto sa pagkakamali ko

Lockonstratos – Naku! Papatok yan sa Europe

Number 7.

Jao – Magkamukhang magka mukha kayo!

Pajodaep – Now I know why some mammals eat their youngs

No name – Wow! Tol! Hayuuup!!!

Alec – Oh anak! (then look at the gf) Anak ng….

Number 6.

JoeB – Wow! She’s a keeper — keep her to yourself

Wigbertjay –San mo nahanap yung impakto? Sa kanal?!!

Anto – Oh! Anak mo yan? Akala ko anak ni Janice

Maldita – (a priest at baptism) Ano ba ire? Binyag or exorcism?

Number 5.

FinFin/ Humdinger – Ang swerte swerte mo, dahil sigurado ako, true love na yan

JoshuaMiguel – Buti na lang! Pareho kayo mahilig sa panget!

Mr. Perk – Akala ko ba kaya you broke up with me kasi you deserve better?

Young Indy – Pang ilang tyanak, este, anak mo na iyan?

Number 4.

Sharkbait – I get it! Wow Mali ito no? Asan ang camera?!

Gab – Pare, wag mo ilalabas yan sa garden ha? Baka lusubin ng plants

Fortunato – Wow! Kamukha ni Bea.. Beawak (bayawak)

Dan – Dude! Wala tayo sa Eastwood! Bawal ang hayop dito.

Number 3.

Milky Me – (true story) a very pretty teen star introduced her mother to the press. And the press said “Ah! So foreigner pala ang tatay mo!”

Sasha Purse – Uy! Pinaglihi mo ba yan sa root crop? Mukha kasing lamang-lupa

Gali Blitz – Saan mo pinaglihi ang baby mo? Sa sama ng loob?

Blitzkreig/BoomBilla – Ano pangalan nya? Karma?

Abernathy – Dad! Good news. Buhay ang bata. Pero bad news. Patay na ang pangarap nyo magka cute na apo.

Number 2.

Shayan – I’m so happy, you finally found your primate, este, soulmate

Pare – Hayaan mo. Sa ending, magiging swan din yan

Loi Pogi – Your baby is a treasure! Sino ang humukay?!

No name – (someone introduces his gf) Ok lang. Di naman halata ang double chin nya kasi natatakpan ng goaty

Number 1.

Ian024/ Juls – Uhmm… Nangangagat?!!

HomerSingson – Wow! Mr. Go! Napaka cute naman ng baby nyo! Anong pangalan? Enchong?

Chez Kitron/ Una –Mukha syang bugtong. Hindi tao, hindi hayop!

Jelly Bean – Friend1: I’d like you to meet my ka-MU. Friend2: MU nga. Mukhang Unggoy


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Adele Flashes a Dirty Finger

Adele flashes dirty finger after she was cut off her acceptance speech on Brit Awards 2012.

Hmmm…. I don’t know. Although I understand bakit nya ginawa yun (dirty finger), I think it is still inappropriate….

Baka mas OK pa sana binato na lang nya ng trophy yung host.  :p